It has nothing to do with the environment, It is purely a financial debate

Money talks but I am happy as long as it goes in the right direction. The largest found in the world are leaving oil and gas stocks and what are they going to invest in? Let us think hard about that one…What is on the up right now? Renewable energy of course. Let us take all the $35 billion and put them where they can make some good in the world. It will take a year or so, yes it is too slow, but it will happen, so I see it as a victory and a receipt that we are on the right track. Happy news this bright Friday and I do not care that the Norwegians clearly state that it is a financial decision and not for the climate. Call it whatever you want but get out of that old story as fast as you can.


Ideological roots of climate change denial: Resistance to change, acceptance of inequality, or both?

I have had a wonderful day with my friend and her kids. Talking about everything and nothing. The past, the present and the future. We have known each other since school, and it is always fun to talk to someone that knows you that well. She can also relate to the struggle you feel regarding when it is time to say goodbye to an old cat. She asks the right questions so that I can make the right decision. I do not think that Ebba is going to feel better from now on, but I want to give her a couple of weeks of spoiling her. I am going to book a day in December and put her to sleep. It is not easy, and I cry every time I talk about it, but I know that it is time.

Jennifer told me about this university report where they talk about why people resist the changes we need to do for our health and the Climate. It is from Uppsala Universitet in Sweden. I just came home so I haven´t read it yet but I will this weekend.

The arguments used in the climate debate are often about giving up amenities in life to take care of nature and the poor or weak in the world. But it may not be an attractive argument for a person who sees the world from a hierarchical perspective. It might be better to talk in other terms and describe how everyone will benefit from the measures instead of being affected by the consequences and that the measures need not be a threat to the current social structure, says Kirsti Jylhä.

The interesting part is why are we still denying what is right in front of us? When we can see, feel, and hear all the changes that´s going on today. Why is it so hard for us to change if we know that we have to? I hope that the report will answer some of my questions.

Can we blame the sun for climate change?

I turned in my essay now and have one left to write. It is supposed to be an argumentative essay and I wonder if I can argue that it is the suns fault that we have climate change. There are some people out there that argue that we have nothing to do with the changes that happen on earth and that it is perfectly normal that the temperature changes. Or, maybe I should argue against that some people think that it is the suns fault. I am happy that I have this as an interest and that I am blogging about it. There is so much information out there and I can twist and turn as it fits me. Sort it all out and do something with everything I read.

NASA have statistics that clearly state that the sun has nothing to do with this warming. I briefly had a look at that information. The latest ice age had a temperature shift of 2 degrees:) on the colder side of course. Only 2 degrees. That is fascinating and terrifying. We are going to live in an oven if we don´t change this.

Everyone can take action against Climate Change!

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and our eco-label Good Environmental Choice shared this link today where you can write a letter to Sweden’s politicians and ask them to take climate change seriously. I have never come across an easier way for the Swedish people to take action. You have everything you need, and it takes a few minutes to click on the, already written, texts and choose the politician you want to send the letter too. It is in Swedish, sorry, but I just had to share this. It seems like it works. A lot of the politicians have already received a letter, and I just smiled when I saw that. People do care, but it must be easy, and that it can be done in a minute or less.

I shared the post on Facebook and also tagged some friends and family, and I hope that they take action. I have done what I can:)

I sent this text to a politician in Stockholm. Sorry for any grammatical error. It is directly translated from Swedish. 

Hi Emma, I’m worried about climate change. Today, the Swedish emissions do not generally decrease at all, and the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere is higher than in several million years. It’s time to take the climate issue seriously.

Multi-billion amounts go to subsidize fossil fuels in Sweden, primarily through tax exemptions. Sweden has promised to phase out all fossil subsidies by 2020 – that is, during the forthcoming term of office. I want to know what the party I choose to vote for will do to implement that promise.

I am already doing a lot in my daily life to reduce the emissions from my travels, my food, and my accommodation. But I can not do everything myself. When I vote in 2018, I want to see you and your party prioritizing the climate issue – really.

If we fail to reduce emissions quickly, the risk of extreme weather such as floods, hurricanes, heat waves and drought increases. It is possible to reduce emissions – but it requires political decisions.

Mirella Sjöblom, Lidingö, Sweden

A beautiful planet and the exhibition: Mission Climate

I have had a wonderful time with my father at the Museum of National History. We saw the exhibition: Mission Climate before the film A beautiful planet. The film was, as always, fantastic. To see planet earth from space is amazing but also to hear that they have found a planet that might be just like earth and are training the astronauts so that they in the future can go farther out in the universe and explore. Maybe we do not need to save this one, we can just move. Hope not though. Love this planet.

I manage to take pictures when there where no one around but it was surprisingly many people at the museum today. I thought that it would only be me, my father and a bunch of kids but I was wrong. Families, school classes and guys in groups where there. Guys in their thirties or forties. Not the first place I would think of finding guys at but it is a major hotness factor so, thumbs up.

This is ice taken from Antartica.

Here you could feel the difference between 10 degrees, 12 degrees or 14 degrees. It was a huge difference, the first one was ice cold and the third one warm. They want to show the difference when it comes to climate change.

My father and the museum.

Here is an indoor tornado:)

Talk about food and the environment as a whole

I started my morning at the gym today and then sorted out my closet. I still can´t believe how much clothes I have. I do recall trowing, giving away and selling, three or four big black plastic bags with clothes last winter. The funny part is that I have nice clothes in my closet and what do I wear all day? The comfiest none-fancy clothes:) Well, I am going to smarten up for my father and Cosmonova tomorrow.

Gunhild Stordalen, the founder of EAT forum, is speaking at the UN conference today. I downloaded the UNFCCC Negotiator; you can see the schedule and links that go to youtube or other media, where you can follow the conference. Their work is so important. I can be the healthiest person on this planet, but if I live in a city that has the high air pollution that India, Dehli has, I would not be able to keep my health anyway. Apparently, the air pollution is equal to second-hand smoking times fifty, every day. They had a record high AQI of 999. A healthy level is 50. That is really bad. But it is still important to think about what you eat and if it strengthening your immune system or weaken it. The EAT forum talk about food and the environment as a whole and try to tackle the issues from different sides. It is interesting and something we all should do.

That feeling doesn´t come from fear; it comes from hope. 

I am probably going to be up all night; I fell asleep at five, I was just going to close my eyes for a second and woke up four hours later. So a banana sandwich, te and a night walk with Wille later, I sit in front of my computer and working on my essay. I read LDF latest post and started to laugh when I came to the end of the article. Yes, we have to hope that the Americans change their mind.

Winston Churchill said, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.” Hopefully the Trump administration has exhausted the “everything else” category with its head-in-the-sand approach to climate change and we can rely on states, like California, and smart companies, like those providing low carbon fuels, to do the right thing, before it’s too late for America and the world. – Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation

I think about hope when we talk Climate Change, clean water, and fresh air and that hope is the key to getting people involved. The days of scaring people to care might be over, and now we must make everyone so excited to step into the future. We who live now is going to be apart of some massive changes, and we are leaving life as we know it behind us. It is exciting, fun and new. I follow the electrical car evolution with fascination, and I am trying to make people as fascinated as I am. If they can see what is coming, they can feel hope for the future. Hope is the most important thing we have. If we lose it, we stop trying, and right now we need to go faster, and we can only go faster when people feel enthusiastic about it. When we feel like we are unstoppable. That feeling doesn´t come from fear; it comes from hope.

When the moon shines a light over positive climate change

I woke up with the moon shining up my whole apartment. Mysterious, inviting and beautiful as always. They are so photogenic, you can´t go wrong with one of them in a picture.

A friend texted me yesterday and suggested that I should write about positive climate change, and I like it. There is so much happening out there, in the world, that helps to shift everything we think that we are stuck with. Someone asked me if I believe that we are going to be able to change what we have done to our planet and I say:

There is not a shadow of doubt that we are going to have a cleaner and more healthier future.

I read that the USA is the only country on this PLANET that does not want to be apart of the Paris agreement. That is kind of a big deal. Not the part about the USA, that would just be dome and darkness but when we look at everybody else on this planet. Every country on earth, except for one, has acknowledged that we have a problem and are putting a considerable amount of efforts to do something about it. And not just governments. Private people and business are finding their ways to help and support, that is huge. The future looks like this.


The causes and the effects of Climate Change

New week, a new assignment. A cause and effect essay. I have chosen to write about either the causes or the effects of Climate Change. I think that the causes may be easier but the effects more fun. My teacher gave us the advice to stick to either causes or effects because of that; we do not have enough words to include both in a good way.

I have some research to do from pages like IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, NASA, National Geographic, UN Environment, Stockholm Resilience, and United Nations.

One of the biggest effects of Climate Change has to be the refugee issue. The climate does not care who you are and where you live. If it wants to take your home, it will. People that once lived by the water now live in it. It is a lot of people that already have been forced to move.

The air pollution in London

The days go by so fast now when the darkness sweeps in at five o’clock. I am finished with my speech about the air pollution in London and have recorded it on my phone so that I can listen to it. I have a better chance to remember it if I listen to it rather than read and say the words out loud. It has been a surreal experience to read about the crisis that London has with its air and that they do not do anything drastic to change it. People are starting to live their life around the issue instead of fixing the problem. Well, that is how the media portray it anyway. Schools ban children from playing in the schoolyard because of the toxic air and the city gives the advice not to exercise outdoors. The air kills around 10 000 people every year and gives children and adults asthma, allergies, and cancer. London should do something about their traffic and energy consumption. They are not getting any healthier with all that toxic air they breathe every day. I read that the government faces fresh legal charges over air pollution crisis.

I am scheduled to have the speech on Friday.

In between schoolwork, I am learning how to get my design as I want it. It is fun if you do not have to hurry or if you do not get frustrated. I am learning a little every day so eventually, it will be fine.