What´s an vegan Christmas


Some have asked me about veganism and Christmas food and how I handled yesterdays dinner. My stepdad and his wife are both vegetarian but also interested in veganism, so we had a lot of vegan food on the table. He stood in line for an hour to buy a vegan cheese for Desireé and me. You can pretty much have all the traditional food but in the vegan form if you want but I rather just introduce new food instead. I have never been that interested in the meatballs or ham (vegan or not), I barely ate anything except for fish before.

My stepdad asked me why I became a vegan and I told him that it was because of my health and that I am not that impressed by meat anymore. It just does not taste that good when you haven’t eaten it for a while, so I have no cravings for a stake or something similar. My little sister and I have pledged that we are going to make a huge vegan Christmas dinner someday, go all in and invite the whole family so that they get an idea of what you can eat as a vegan. It is not boring food or dry; is new and fresh, exciting and adventurous. We just have to show everyone that. I reckon that my stepdad is going to flirt with veganism:) He has already given it a thought.

This changes everything

I could not sleep last night and started listening to the book This changes everything by Naomi Klein and of course reading every article I could find on social media:) It is going to take a while for me to get through the book though. The audio player is on twelve hours left after I have listened to it for three hours. There are not enough books about climate change or global warming on my audiobook app. I need to make some requests to them. I want to read nr 2 on this list.

How lovely is not this version of Perfect with Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli?

The thing with smoking

I do not know anyone that smokes today. Lots of people, friends, and family smoked when I was a kid but none of them smoke today. I have never smoked. Remember so clearly that I heard about the tar and thought: Are you crazy? I am not putting tar in my body. Found this page on WHO how tobacco destroys the environment.

It is an addiction strong as any addiction out there but I really hope that anyone that wants to stop smoking get the strength to do so. This video is not pretty.

Social media and news

I have spent way to much time on social media today but I read so many good news that I got all excited. The World Bank stops investing in energy that is not clean (with a few exceptions), high five on that, and Our Children´s Trust is going to trial against the Trump administration. The next generation is so brave, they speak up and take action in a way I haven’t seen before.

And I also liked this:

Macron awards US scientists grants to move to France in defiance of Trump- The Guardian

I love social media and I use it today as a way to keep up with what is happening in the world. LIVE FB tv and articles. I spend way to much time commenting and liking and sharing but I like it. It is fun and people speak their truth even if I do not agree with them all the time. Yes, there is also hate and bullying but we know by now that I choose to look at things in a positive way.

Maybe we need to send a person that can help them figure that out?

A Youtuber I follow always said Don´t be stuck on stupid and I think of that phrase from time to time and often when I read an article like this.

It always astonishes me when people sound like they in some way are victims of tradition or circumstance like no one ever has moved away from the village or worked in a whole nother field. Everyone, from the day they get born, is stuck. Some people are of course but these men have really nice boats and get 40 000 dollars for a dolphin. So they are by no means poor.

The key in this article “for me” is:

People keep telling us to stop whaling and find another way of earning a living. But what on earth would we do instead?

Maybe we need to send a person that can help them figure that out?

Something I love to do

I can watch these little elephants all day. They make me happy and sad at the same time. Without a mother but in good company. They are so cute and I hope that I one day can go and visit them. I love learning their names and stories and I just want to hug and kiss them. They are so intelligent and fun, real characters.


I am using Ecosia today for my search on the internet. I have contributed to 36 trees and I have only used it for a week or two. Love innovations that make me feel like I do something good when I just doing a search from my own home. It workes like Google but they plant trees for the money instead.

The Beagle Freedom Project and the Gates foundation

I was scrolling through social media and saw this FB post from the Beagle Freedom Project. I have earlier read about the horrible things we put these dogs through and every time I read about it I look at Wille. What would I say to someone that asked me if he or she could borrow him and do some experiments on him? Like, make him inhale smoke or inject radioactive substances. I would probably ask that person if they were out of their mind and then run as fast as I could away from that person with Wille in my arms, protecting him from the horrible things that person wanted to do to him. You just do not do this to an innocent animal that trusts you and wants to do whatever you ask them to do. But we do this to them every day. 

I made a small donation to and keeping my fingers crossed that they raise a lot of money. The Gates foundation is going to double the donations.

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