Stay in bed

I have a cold and have to stay in bed all day except for my daily walk with Wille. It usually only stays for 24 hours so I am probably going back to energy mood tomorrow but now my head is pounding. I am watching vegan Youtube videos. I did not know that a plant-based diet could help you with your sex life. That is not the first thing you think about when you talk about healthy food, but everything is connected so why not. Does that mean that people are going to have more sex when more and more people switch to a vegan lifestyle? I hope they use protection or we are going to populate the earth at a rapid pace otherwise:) 

What´s an vegan Christmas


Some have asked me about veganism and Christmas food and how I handled yesterdays dinner. My stepdad and his wife are both vegetarian but also interested in veganism, so we had a lot of vegan food on the table. He stood in line for an hour to buy a vegan cheese for Desireé and me. You can pretty much have all the traditional food but in the vegan form if you want but I rather just introduce new food instead. I have never been that interested in the meatballs or ham (vegan or not), I barely ate anything except for fish before.

My stepdad asked me why I became a vegan and I told him that it was because of my health and that I am not that impressed by meat anymore. It just does not taste that good when you haven’t eaten it for a while, so I have no cravings for a stake or something similar. My little sister and I have pledged that we are going to make a huge vegan Christmas dinner someday, go all in and invite the whole family so that they get an idea of what you can eat as a vegan. It is not boring food or dry; is new and fresh, exciting and adventurous. We just have to show everyone that. I reckon that my stepdad is going to flirt with veganism:) He has already given it a thought.