Sustainable development – with focus on Climate Change

School starts next week, and I have bought the books I need for the course.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development – Assessing Progress of Regions and Countries, and Fundamentals of Sustainable Development. 

It wasn´t until today I decided to take the course, but I look forward to it. We have three themes this semester.

The first one is Sustainable development and climate change. The second one is A changing world and inadequate resources, and the third one Climate change and a sustainable society.

I have a feeling that I am going to get exacly what I want from this course, so I am really happy that I got in and that I accepted the spot. It is 50%, so I have time to work (if I find something fun), study and be social, all at the same time:)


Climate Change is real – argument essay

I am listening, reading and watching arguments about if Climate change is real or not. I have to write my argumentative essay and I have chosen to argue that Climate change is real. Found some really good arguments on this site.

You do realize that the 97% is a biased Study that can’t be confirmed, right?- Derick Entertainment. From the comments on this Youtube video.

How do you argue with people that think that science can´t be confirmed?

Notice how MOST scientists call it Climate Change and NOT Global Warming because Warming is NOT happening. Climate Change means in some periods of time are HOTTER then average while some periods of time COLDER then average. Climate Change is NATURAL and has been going on since the beginning of TIME.- Robert Albee. From the comments on this Youtube video.

What do you need to argue against this kind of comment? All the facts that are out there are obviously not enough so what more is needed?

Can we blame the sun for climate change?

I turned in my essay now and have one left to write. It is supposed to be an argumentative essay and I wonder if I can argue that it is the suns fault that we have climate change. There are some people out there that argue that we have nothing to do with the changes that happen on earth and that it is perfectly normal that the temperature changes. Or, maybe I should argue against that some people think that it is the suns fault. I am happy that I have this as an interest and that I am blogging about it. There is so much information out there and I can twist and turn as it fits me. Sort it all out and do something with everything I read.

NASA have statistics that clearly state that the sun has nothing to do with this warming. I briefly had a look at that information. The latest ice age had a temperature shift of 2 degrees:) on the colder side of course. Only 2 degrees. That is fascinating and terrifying. We are going to live in an oven if we don´t change this.

The causes and the effects of Climate Change

New week, a new assignment. A cause and effect essay. I have chosen to write about either the causes or the effects of Climate Change. I think that the causes may be easier but the effects more fun. My teacher gave us the advice to stick to either causes or effects because of that; we do not have enough words to include both in a good way.

I have some research to do from pages like IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, NASA, National Geographic, UN Environment, Stockholm Resilience, and United Nations.

One of the biggest effects of Climate Change has to be the refugee issue. The climate does not care who you are and where you live. If it wants to take your home, it will. People that once lived by the water now live in it. It is a lot of people that already have been forced to move.