So I can have my new phone or car

My phone is starting to give up on me and I have to restart it three or four times every day. My Samsung 7 is barely two years old, but I already need to look for a new phone. An article in Swedish popped up on my social media were the journalists took the readers to Kongo and the Cobalt mining that is occurring there. They use Cobalt in batteries. The information, pictures, and videos that showed the appalling world a mind-worker is living, how they climb down a dark hole with only a hammer to dig with and their bare hands, shocked me. I found a similar article written by the Washington Post.

Our thirst for batteries are increasing with the use of smartphones and electric cars, and I can honestly say that I am going to buy both in the near future. Someone in Africa is going to climb down a black hole, unprotected, and dig with his bare hands and hammer for me. So I can have my new phone or car.


An introduction to a whole-food, plant-based diet


I watched this presentation about a whole-food, plant-based diet, this morning and had to share it. I think that it sums up everything you need to know when it comes to this way of eating and what it can do for our health. I like the soda demonstration in the end. It clearly shows what he means by cleaning out everything old we have done with our bodies and replace it with nutrients that can fix your health issue.

Food can fix it.- EAT forum

Dr. Anthony Lim has experience in this field and backs it up with research done by other well-known doctors which he shares in the video. It is short, clear and to the point. He also states that he does this because he believes in it, he doesn´t get a kick-back from the broccoli companies for mentioning their product.

The thing with smoking

I do not know anyone that smokes today. Lots of people, friends, and family smoked when I was a kid but none of them smoke today. I have never smoked. Remember so clearly that I heard about the tar and thought: Are you crazy? I am not putting tar in my body. Found this page on WHO how tobacco destroys the environment.

It is an addiction strong as any addiction out there but I really hope that anyone that wants to stop smoking get the strength to do so. This video is not pretty.

Not my fault, the WP gods is just not with me


I woke up at 5 o’clock and have had a busy Saturday, but I  managed to write two blog posts that both got deleted by WordPress. You know the feeling, oh I give up! Well, I had that feeling twice today. I had spent so much time on them and the second one I just pushed Save Draft, WP asked if I was sure and I replied yes. Then it went blank, and everything was gone. A blogger’s worst nightmare:)

An old injury came back yesterday when I was at the gym, so I need to book an appointment at the rehab center we have just around the corner. I hope they are okay. I do not want to go with this kind of injury a long time; you lose your feeling in the leg if you do not correct it immediately. Been there, done that.

I have done everything that I had on my to-do list so I am going to see a movie and look up what´s happening on social media. We got lots of good news yesterday. I have thought about why everything seems to go sooo slow and be such a big fight all the time, and the only good thing I see is that people get angry and takes action. Emagine a world that is full of engaged people that know that they have a voice and aren’t afraid to speak out AND an American president that likes our earth. Trump can´t be president forever, and maybe the next one is going to speed things up.

I don´t know; I just try to see the positive side of all that is happening. An elephant sanctuary got some donations because of the Trump administration yesterday and publicity. That is something to celebrate and also that the Trump administration took back the no ban on trophy hunting.

Talk about food and the environment as a whole

I started my morning at the gym today and then sorted out my closet. I still can´t believe how much clothes I have. I do recall trowing, giving away and selling, three or four big black plastic bags with clothes last winter. The funny part is that I have nice clothes in my closet and what do I wear all day? The comfiest none-fancy clothes:) Well, I am going to smarten up for my father and Cosmonova tomorrow.

Gunhild Stordalen, the founder of EAT forum, is speaking at the UN conference today. I downloaded the UNFCCC Negotiator; you can see the schedule and links that go to youtube or other media, where you can follow the conference. Their work is so important. I can be the healthiest person on this planet, but if I live in a city that has the high air pollution that India, Dehli has, I would not be able to keep my health anyway. Apparently, the air pollution is equal to second-hand smoking times fifty, every day. They had a record high AQI of 999. A healthy level is 50. That is really bad. But it is still important to think about what you eat and if it strengthening your immune system or weaken it. The EAT forum talk about food and the environment as a whole and try to tackle the issues from different sides. It is interesting and something we all should do.