The march of the penguins

A penguin in snowy Stockholm:)

The world has a new goal; to make Antartic the largest sanctuary on the planet. It would be a step in the right direction. To give our environment and wild animals a safe space to flourish. More information about the poles, south, and north. Sign a petition on Antartic ocean.

This Sanctuary will only happen if we demand that our leaders protect our shared oceans. This year we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make it happen – the Antarctic Ocean Commission meets to discuss the proposal in October.

The commission for the conservation of Antartic marine living resources, CCAMLR, had a meeting in 2017 but they failed to agree on the proposal to protect a large area of east Antarctic. So, Greenpeace has now launched this global campaign so we can show our leaders what we want.

Maybe we need to send a person that can help them figure that out?

A Youtuber I follow always said Don´t be stuck on stupid and I think of that phrase from time to time and often when I read an article like this.

It always astonishes me when people sound like they in some way are victims of tradition or circumstance like no one ever has moved away from the village or worked in a whole nother field. Everyone, from the day they get born, is stuck. Some people are of course but these men have really nice boats and get 40 000 dollars for a dolphin. So they are by no means poor.

The key in this article “for me” is:

People keep telling us to stop whaling and find another way of earning a living. But what on earth would we do instead?

Maybe we need to send a person that can help them figure that out?

Something I love to do

I can watch these little elephants all day. They make me happy and sad at the same time. Without a mother but in good company. They are so cute and I hope that I one day can go and visit them. I love learning their names and stories and I just want to hug and kiss them. They are so intelligent and fun, real characters.

The Beagle Freedom Project and the Gates foundation

I was scrolling through social media and saw this FB post from the Beagle Freedom Project. I have earlier read about the horrible things we put these dogs through and every time I read about it I look at Wille. What would I say to someone that asked me if he or she could borrow him and do some experiments on him? Like, make him inhale smoke or inject radioactive substances. I would probably ask that person if they were out of their mind and then run as fast as I could away from that person with Wille in my arms, protecting him from the horrible things that person wanted to do to him. You just do not do this to an innocent animal that trusts you and wants to do whatever you ask them to do. But we do this to them every day. 

I made a small donation to and keeping my fingers crossed that they raise a lot of money. The Gates foundation is going to double the donations.

Don’t forget – tomorrow is #GivingTuesday! This year, we’re excited to be partnering with Facebook to match up to $2 million in donations made to non-profit organizations through Facebook starting at 8 AM EST tomorrow. Learn more and get started here:

And soon it will be Christmas

I have always liked Christmas; it is my favorite holiday with all its brightness and cheeriness. The season to be jolly and all that Christmas happiness. I am going to put up the Christmas decorations today and look up a nice vegan dessert for the family dinner this weekend. It has to be easy to do and have flavors that taste like Christmas, without a lot of sweetness. I have used the word Christmas in every sentence now:)

I got these in the mail today. Three of the organizations I support and love hearing from. Where my money goes and how they manage the day to day issues. The organizations are Hjärta till Hjärta (Heart to Heart), Hundstallet (dog protection compound), and Forska utan djurförsök (Research without animal testing).

Forska utan djurförsök have funded thirteen projects this year. Four of them are:

Cell and computer models that save animals
Many drugs turn out to have a lacking effect on humans after several animal tests have been done. With this model, non-functioning drugs can be sorted out early before a variety of animal tests are performed.

How do tendons heal?
They want to develop models so that we can test on cells from the patient’s tendons and not on animals.

How does cancer spread?
They receive funding to develop a new, animal-free model to study how cancer spreads in the body. They will replace trials where you enter “windows” in the body of the test animal to see what happens during the trial.

Cure cancer and improve drug tests. 
New methods to test drug effects and new substances that can become new drugs against breast cancer.

I have never been so sure as I am today that we do not need animal testing and that we just are lazy and do not want to change how we have done things.