So I can have my new phone or car

My phone is starting to give up on me and I have to restart it three or four times every day. My Samsung 7 is barely two years old, but I already need to look for a new phone. An article in Swedish popped up on my social media were the journalists took the readers to Kongo and the Cobalt mining that is occurring there. They use Cobalt in batteries. The information, pictures, and videos that showed the appalling world a mind-worker is living, how they climb down a dark hole with only a hammer to dig with and their bare hands, shocked me. I found a similar article written by the Washington Post.

Our thirst for batteries are increasing with the use of smartphones and electric cars, and I can honestly say that I am going to buy both in the near future. Someone in Africa is going to climb down a black hole, unprotected, and dig with his bare hands and hammer for me. So I can have my new phone or car.


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