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Stockholm, Sweden is getting a new Baltic Sea Science Center located in the heart of Stockholm. On Skansen, Djurgården. One of Swedens most beloved places for families and schools. The Baltic sea science center is going to focus on a positive experience but also to inform of the challenges that the Baltic sea faces right now. The main purpose is to educate children and schools in agriculture and our waters. The Baltic Sea is one of the sickest seas in the world and we do not speak about it enough. Every information I can find is in Swedish but I have taken the liberty to translate from the most important site. Baltic Sea 2020. They have taken the initiative for making the center and are the financier of the building.

BalticSea2020 and Skansen have decided to build a unique knowledge center on the Baltic Sea. The purpose is to increase public awareness of the sea as well as offer a place for school students where they can learn more about the Baltic Sea and the future of the ocean.

Baltic Sea Science Center, the Baltic Sea Science Center, will consist of exhibitions, aquariums, classrooms and laboratory. In three large aquariums, the visitor will meet fish such as cod, turbot, sea trout, zygge, but also different types of plant life, and learn more about the marine environment. The educational spaces, primarily aimed at high school and high school students, highlight four different environmental challenges – eutrophication, overfishing, environmental damage and depleted diversity, current research and future solutions. Here there will also be room for teaching with the schoolroom and laboratory – a next generation site to create the conditions for a cleaner sea.

The house will be a place everyone can go to learn more about the unique environment of the Baltic Sea, grasp the difficult situation the sea is in and find out what we can do together to turn the Baltic Sea in a positive direction.

The building will be located between the Skansen Aquarium and Galejan’s Tivoli Gardens. The main financier is BalticSea2020, supported by Skansen. – BalticSea2020

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