Welcome to my space

You are probably wondering who I am if you are visiting this page, and I hope that I can answer that for you in a way that wants you to hang here, on the blog, with me.

I am a student at the University of Karlstad in Sweden. I live on an island outside Stockholm and like that I have the environment right outside my door. One-third of Lidingö is protected forest so there is a lot of lovely places to take a walk with my dog.

Animals are dear to my heart and I donate as much money I can every month to them I follow and want to support. You can find an own page for the charities that I support and talking about here on the blog.

I eat plant-based food with a focus on strengthening my immune system. I have a chronic inflammation that screws with my health but as long as I choose to eat the right food for my body, (sometimes I don´t, I have to live) I stay healthy. I always get sick when I stray from the healthy way of living but sometimes it is just worth it.

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