It never goes how you plan

I have had a lovely day in the stable or in the apartment above the stable. My friend started with one of her horses, and I took the dogs and my computer upstairs, found the Wii-Fii connection and was looking forward to focussing on the research. The door flung open about ten minutes later, and a little girl with her mother enters and tells me that the girl want´s to spend some time with me while her mother took care of their horse. Yes, why not but she has to accept the dogs, I said, while watching the little girl being chased by the dogs, round and round her mother. After a while, everyone settled down. Me in front of the computer, the little girl with her mother’s phone and some game and the dogs slept under my chair. Peace and back to what I was watching. What are you doing? She was standing on my right side and looked with her blue eye at me. I am watching this event. Why? Because they say things, I am interested in knowing. Can I sit in your lap? Of course. I lifted her up, and we both started to watch the event. Who is that? She asked and pointed to a woman that was standing on the stage and talked. I have no idea I replayed. I was answering your questions when she entered the stage.

I gave up the thought of continuing with what I was doing after some more questions from the girl, and we did something else instead. Her mother came and got her after a couple of hours, and before they went home, the girl wanted to go up to the apartment, to her new friend, and give her (me) the last cupcake. My heart melted. She wasn´t my plan for the day, but it was a lovely distraction.

It is a new year soon, and I hope that 2018 is going to bring some more adorable kids with weird questions that can distract me:) Happy new year.

Happy New Year

I can´t believe that we have the last day of this year tomorrow, or in thirty minutes:) I am writing this late Saturday night. It has been a strange year for me, good but strange. To have to rest, don´t do anything and just take the day as it comes has been an experience and I am glad for the time I got to spend at home. 2018 is going to look a little different. I spend the day with one of my friends, and we started to talk about an idea we had earlier, working together and maybe the time for that is now. We are both free and enthusiastic, and investors would not be a problem. We are going to spend the day in the stable tomorrow, she is taking care of her five horses, and I am going to hang with the dogs in the apartment above the stable and research our idea.

I so look forward to 2018; it is like a clean page I can write whatever I want on. Write book number two, go into business with my friend, study environment or do something completely different. I have never had that before:)

Sustainable development with focus on climate change

I got in on my second choice and now I do not know what to do:) I did not want to keep on with the English studies because next semester focused on teaching and I don´t want to be a teacher, so I had to let that go but this time it is sustainable development with focus on climate change. Haven´t decided yet what I want to do but I have accepted the spot.

I liked Barack Obamas article, I read yesterday, more than Donald Trumps tweet about the people that care about the environment and Climate Change. Is it just me or is he really hurtful? So much hate in that Tweet and it is directed towards his own people, the once that care. He masks it well though, talking about other countries.

I read an article yesterday that I can´t find today about a small town in the USA that saw Trump like their savior. He was going to bring back the golden years of mining and oil and save them all from a life without a job. They were clinging so tight to that hope, that the world they knew would not change. That everything would stay as it always has been. I feel for these people (Trump’s people) that just want everything to stay the same. That is a pretty hard way to live your life. Everything is in constant change and to be the one that doesn´t want that puts you in a difficult place and you are constantly fighting against life.

Top 100 Global Sustainability Research Articles of 2017

The Swedish organization Stockholm resilience center shared this top 100 today.

It is like Christmas all over again for me. I have only read the first one written by Barack Obama but I have nothing to do today so I am going to work my way through the list.

It is good business and good economics to lead a technological revolution and define market trends.- Barack Obama


Stay in bed

I have a cold and have to stay in bed all day except for my daily walk with Wille. It usually only stays for 24 hours so I am probably going back to energy mood tomorrow but now my head is pounding. I am watching vegan Youtube videos. I did not know that a plant-based diet could help you with your sex life. That is not the first thing you think about when you talk about healthy food, but everything is connected so why not. Does that mean that people are going to have more sex when more and more people switch to a vegan lifestyle? I hope they use protection or we are going to populate the earth at a rapid pace otherwise:) 

What´s an vegan Christmas


Some have asked me about veganism and Christmas food and how I handled yesterdays dinner. My stepdad and his wife are both vegetarian but also interested in veganism, so we had a lot of vegan food on the table. He stood in line for an hour to buy a vegan cheese for Desireé and me. You can pretty much have all the traditional food but in the vegan form if you want but I rather just introduce new food instead. I have never been that interested in the meatballs or ham (vegan or not), I barely ate anything except for fish before.

My stepdad asked me why I became a vegan and I told him that it was because of my health and that I am not that impressed by meat anymore. It just does not taste that good when you haven’t eaten it for a while, so I have no cravings for a stake or something similar. My little sister and I have pledged that we are going to make a huge vegan Christmas dinner someday, go all in and invite the whole family so that they get an idea of what you can eat as a vegan. It is not boring food or dry; is new and fresh, exciting and adventurous. We just have to show everyone that. I reckon that my stepdad is going to flirt with veganism:) He has already given it a thought.

This changes everything

I could not sleep last night and started listening to the book This changes everything by Naomi Klein and of course reading every article I could find on social media:) It is going to take a while for me to get through the book though. The audio player is on twelve hours left after I have listened to it for three hours. There are not enough books about climate change or global warming on my audiobook app. I need to make some requests to them. I want to read nr 2 on this list.

How lovely is not this version of Perfect with Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli?

The thing with smoking

I do not know anyone that smokes today. Lots of people, friends, and family smoked when I was a kid but none of them smoke today. I have never smoked. Remember so clearly that I heard about the tar and thought: Are you crazy? I am not putting tar in my body. Found this page on WHO how tobacco destroys the environment.

It is an addiction strong as any addiction out there but I really hope that anyone that wants to stop smoking get the strength to do so. This video is not pretty.

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